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As Told in the Music of the Middle Ages

The story of Christmas, from Gabriel's annunciation to the shepherds to the flight into Egypt, as told in ceremonial and festive music from medieval England, France, Italy and Spain. The CD features music from The Waverly Consort's popular semi-dramatic presentation, The Christmas Story, performed each year in communities throughout North America.

WAV 13099

". . . the Waverly Consort has created a benchmark for this kind of collection, in both programming and performance. There is a freshness and vividness of emotion that illuminates each selection from within. . . . a must-have for year-round listening."
- Early Music America

$18.00 plus shipping

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1. JAN OF JENSTEJN (Archbishop of Prague): Decet huius cunctis horis (Sequence, Office of the Feast of the Visitation) 4:31
2. Ave, Maria, gratia plena (Prosa for Matins, January 1, Beauvais, c1230) 4:12
3. Archangelus Gabriel (Gregorian antiphon, Magnificat for Second Vespers, Feast of St. Gabriel, Archangel) 1:21
4. Nostre quod providerat (Conductus, Sens, 13th century)
Instrumentals: Gabriel, Fram Heven-King (English, 14th century)
5. Vetus abit littera (Conductus, Paris, 13th century) 2:39
6. Scene from "The Shepherds' Play" (Rouen, 13th century) 3:13
7. GUILLAUME DU FAY (c1400-1475): Gloria . . . et in terra pax 2:02
8. Orientis partibus (Conductus, Beauvais, 12th century) 3:41
9. LEONEL POWER (c1370-1445): Beata progenies (Antiphon) 1:33
10. Verbum caro factum est (Italian lauda, 14th century) - Fulget dies celebris (from "Carmina Burana," 13th century) 4:40
11. Sanctus and Benedictus (Worcester Cathedral, c1300) 1:39
12. Scene from "The Play of Herod" (Fleury, 12th century) 5:21
13. Agnus Dei (Worcester Cathedral, c1300) 2:01
14. GUILLAUME DU FAY: Hostis Herodes impie (Hymn for Epiphany) 3:21
15. Sonent laudes pueri (Conductus, mid-13th century) 1:51
16. Natus est! Natus est! (Conductus, Sens, 13th century) 1:20
17. Verbum Patris hodie (Benedicamus trope, Burgos, Spain, c1300) 1:41
18. Hymn of Thanksgiving: Te Deum laudamus
Total timings 52:40

PERFORMERS: Shannon Anderson, soprano; Andrea Larson, soprano; Carolann Buff, mezzo-soprano; Paul Flight, countertenor; John Shankweiler, tenor; William Hudson, tenor; Thomas Meglioranza, baritone; Paul Houghtaling, bass-baritone; Peter Stewart, bass. Kay Jaffee, organetto, harp, gemshorn, recorder, bells & percussion; Michael Jaffee, citole, hurdy-gurdy, bells & percussion; Steven Lundahl, slide trumpet; Rosamund Morley, vielle, bowed psaltery; Daniel Stillman, shawm, slide trumpet.



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