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Christmas from East Anglia to Appalachia

Seasonal carols, hymns, and wassailing songs sung in English-speaking lands on both sides of the Atlantic, from 13th-century East Anglia to Ireland to 18th-century New England and Appalachia. Features early shape-note hymns by William Billings and songs from the great American at-home singing books, The Southern Harmony, and The Sacred Harp.

VIRGIN 55193

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1. The Gloucestershire Wassail (Traditional English) 4:09
2. ROBERT COWPER (c1474-c1535-40): Gloria in excelsis 3:41
3. Gabriel, fram heven-king (English, late 13th century) 4:54
4. Campanis cum cymbalis/Honoremus dominam (English motet, 13th century) 3:30
5. Ave mundi rosa (English cantilena, 14th century) 3:08
6. Verbum patris hodie (Benedicamus trope of the Sarum rite) 2:11
7. WILLIAM BILLINGS (1746-1800): Bethlehem (The Singing Master's Assistant, Boston, 1778) 4:32
8. Exultation (American shape-note hymn, The Southern Harmony, ed. 1854) 3:14
9. Star in the East (American shape-note hymn) 5:25
10. WILLIAM BILLINGS: Shiloh (The Singing Master's Assistant) 2:40
11. Ther is no rose of swych vertu (English carol, 15th century) 3:46
12. This endris night I saw a sight (Traditional English ballad carol, c1600) 5:06
13. Lully, lulla, thow little tyne child ("The Coventry Carol," English, 15th century) 3:39
14. The Darkest Midnight in December (Traditional Irish) 4:24
15. A "Wassail" Suite: The old yeare now away is fled ("Greensleeves") -
Instrumental variations on "Greensleeves"
Here we come awassailing (Traditional Wassail Songs of Leeds and Yorkshire)
Total timings

PERFORMERS: Rita Lilly, soprano; Kathy Theil, soprano; Katie Geissinger, mezzo-soprano; Larry Lipnik, countertenor, baritone, bowed psaltery; Timothy Leigh Evans, tenor, finger cymbals; John Olund, tenor; John Shankweiler, tenor; Joel Frederiksen, bass-baritone. Kay Jaffee, harp, plucked psaltery, recorder, hammered bells; Michael Jaffee, lute, citole, guitar, plucked psaltery, medieval cup bells; Rosamund Morley, bass viol, vielle, kemençe, violone; Tom Zajac, three-hole pipe; plucked psaltery, flute, recorder, jaw-harp, hurdy-gurdy.
ASSISTED BY: Ben Freed, banjo; Lisa Gutkin, fiddle.



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