Waverly consort

For almost three decades, the Waverly Consort has served the bereaved and those who are important to them. In 2012, Sam and Danielle White performed their first Pure Cremation at the request of a customer, and by 2015, demand for this type of burial had increased to the point that they chose to focus solely on it.

A great team has been assembled since then, all of whom share the Whites’ mission of straightforward care provided to the greatest possible quality of excellence. Thousands of families will be served each year by the Pure Cremation team’s characteristic care and attention to detail, thanks to their combined efforts.


When it comes to providing a low-cost, high-quality cremation, the Waverly Consort team's knowledge has allowed us to thoroughly examine every aspect of the process. Visitors to our offices tell us that we are "creating a new standard".

Some suppliers may regard direct cremation as just a logistics operation, and we're aware of that. That's why Waverly Consort has invested millions of pounds in top-notch employees, equipment, systems, and a state-of-the-art crematorium to set the standard in this new service area.

With us, your money is safe.

They employ trusts as a way to secure assets needed to cover part or all of their customers' future funeral fees. We're in the same boat.
An independent Trust will be set up if you have chosen to pay the entire amount in one lump sum or a defined number of instalments.
The Trust requires an invoice, evidence of death, and two signatures from two of the trustees to release cash to pay for the cremation service you have requested.